Introduction to the RasMol Command Line Quizzes

The problem pages listed below are designed to complement the "how-to" tutorials for the RasMol program. The goal is to demonstrate to yourself that you can manipulate molecular models on your own using RasMol commands. In each case you will be given a Chime display of a biological molecule. Each page has a simulated RasMol command line ("Command Line Slot") where you are asked to enter the appropriate commands so as to change the display in the manner specified. The commands you use will also show up in the "Message Box".
A similar format is also used (without the quiz feature) on the Chime Displays with a RasMol Command Line pages. Those pages provide buttons and suggestions for altering the images. The problem pages do not! However, these pages do provide links to the RasMol Manual; you are encouraged to use them and any other source of RasMol information during the quiz.

When you have finished your work on the model, you can submit your solution to me by copying the text in the Message Box and pasting it into the Answer Box provided.
Solutions from CMU students will be graded primarily by success in the assignment with some additional credit given for the use of fewer commands.
After you submit your answer, the set of commands that solve the problem (i.e. my solution) will be displayed in the Message Box. Extra credit will be assigned to anyone who submits a more concise set of commands.

Clicking on "Submit Answer" will send your answer as Email to Dr. McClure. Your name and Email address are required entries for submission of the answer form. However, I can only receive the form if you have set up Netscape to send and receive Email. This is described on the WWW Tools page. (You can verify that the Email was actually sent by sending yourself a copy; select Composition, in the Mail and News Preferences... window under Options.)

Quiz PageDescription# Required
Problem 1Display, coloring, and labeling of a tripeptide.7
Problem 2Display, coloring, and labeling of a protein.12
Problem 3Highlight the hydrophobic core in Protein G.11
Each problem assumes that you have read the instructions and learned to use the commands required for all previous problems, i.e. they get progressively more demanding.
The commands to be entered in the Command Line Slot are described in several levels of detail:
The two-page RasMol v2.6 "Quick-Reference Card" handout.
The RasMol Guide, an HTML version of the Quick-Reference Card.
The RasMol Manual: Frames for complete descriptions.

The quiz pages all require the Chemscape Chime plug-in.
A description of its use at this site can be found at the CMU Chime Features page.

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