The Agro-Processing Resource Network (APRN) is comprised of institutions/agencies which serve the sector and are dedicated to the sustainable development of the agro-processing industry through collaborative efforts.


The primary objective of the Network is to encourage more efficient collaboration and communication between participating organisations in order to foster a coordinated and focused approach to development of services and programmes for the sector.


Membership in the Network is at two levels: full and associate.

a.	Full membership is open to the following institutions:
	-	Jamaica Bureau of Standards
	-	Jamaica Promotions Corporation
	-	Ministry of Health - Public Health Department
	-	National Development Bank of Jamaica
	-	Rural Agricultural Development Agency
	-	Scientific Research Council - The Food Technology Institute
	-	University of the West Indies, Mona, JAMAICA - The Department of Chemistry
b.	Associate members may be co-opted from time to time and may include 
	but not be limited to:
	-	Agri-Business Council
	-	Agricultural Credit bank
	-	Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA)
	-	Jamaica Agricultural Development Foundation
	-	Jamaica Export Trading Co Ltd
	-	Trafalgar Development Bank
	-	University of Technology - Engineering Department

Scope and Range of Activities

The Network shall:

a.	decide on product, process and service focus areas which will be 
	given priority attention by each participating member within the 
	framework of expressed government policy and/or agency mandate;
b.	where feasible provide guidance on industry problems (eg project 
	development, quality assurance, package design, raw material supply 
	and sourcing, financing and marketing;
c.	undertake the production of joint publications, develop training courses, 
	assist the industry in:-
	(i)	drawing on international assistance;
	(ii)	meeting international standards, and in 
	(iii)	making foreign and local partnerships for import and export for 
		small industries among other things.

Farmgate Prices

Sample farmgate prices for October and November 1998, collected by RADA.

Created and maintained by The Department of Chemistry,
University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica.
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Created Wednesday July 10th 1996. Last modified November 21st 1998.

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