Biochemistry Computer Lab Syllabus

Lecture Schedule @@

Monday Night Lectures (5:00 p.m.)
WeekDATETopicsSupplemental Assignment ##
Week 1Sep. 29
  1. Web Introduction & Newsgroup
  2. Amino AcidClassification & Structure
  3. Buffers: Graphical Analysis
From ASN ++:MCDB108AL Supplemental Reading
Week 2Oct. 6
  1. Multivalent Ligand Binding
  2. Secondary Structures of Proteins
Week 3Oct. 13
  1. Structures and Regulation of Myoglobin & Hemoglobin
From Bookstore ##: Hemoglobin article(Scientific American)
Week 4Oct.20$$
  1. Interactive Ligand Binding: Noncooperativity/Cooperativity/Anti-Cooperativity
  2. Sickle Cell Hemoglobin
Week 5Oct. 27
  1. Hill Plot Analysis
  2. Scatchard Analysis
FromWood et al.: Ch. 8 Enzyme kinetics problems
Week 6Nov. 3
  1. Structure and Mechanism of Lysozyme
Week 7Nov. 10
  1. Structure and Mechanism of Ribonuclease A
  2. Michaelis-Menten Kinetics and Inhibition
Week 8Nov. 17
  1. Structure and Mechanism of Chymotrypsin
  2. Structure and Mechanism of HIV Protease
Week 9Nov. 24
  1. pH Dependence of Enzyme Catalysis
  2. Structure and Regulation of Aspartate Carbamoyl Transferases

Nov. 27 (Thurs)*** Thanksgiving Break (no Computer Lab classes scheduled) ***

Week 10Dec. 1Structure and Mechanism of HIV Reverse Transcriptase 

Dec. 4 (Thurs.) Computer Lab Midterm (Final ?) Examination @ the LSCF

Dec. 13 (Sat.)*** FINAL EXAMINATION (?) *** Saturday 12:00 - 3:00 p.m


@@ Required texts:

##BKSTR: Required supplemental reading packet available at the UCSB bookstore.

++ASN: Required supplemental reading packet available at the AS Notetaking service office.

$$Last week for undergraduates to drop or add a class.

Prof. Sears ( 3141(Biol. 2)X3499 TBA
Sean Chrisensen

MCDB. 108A NEWSGROUP (news:ucsb.ltrsci.classes.mcdb108a)

You can access the MCDB. 108ANEWSGROUP with NETSCAPE or LYNX Web servers by logging on to a networked campus computer running VT100 terminal emulation. (See networking instructions).


  1. find announcements and updated information posted about this course;
  2. read questions raised by you or your classmates about course-related material and read my answers to these questions; and
  3. find answer keys posted to the homework problem sets. Every attempt will be made to post timely answers to all student queries by Sunday evening of every week.


EXAMINATIONS (tentative)

There will be 2 or 3 examsin the LSCF, each 2 hr. in length.

  • The 1stexam (2 hr.) is on Thurs., Nov. 6th
  • The 2ndexam (2 hr.)is on Thurs., Dec. 4th
  • Possibly, a 3rd exam (2 hr.) will be on Sat., Dec. 13th during final exam week.

ACADEMIC HONESTY is expected absolutely at all times. You are expected work alone during the examinations..

GRADING will be discussed at a later time.

NO grade changes will be made after the final grade reports are due, approximately 2 weeks after the Winter Quarter begins. Unclaimed exams will also be disposed of at this time.

Letters of recommendation: Because transcripts typically accompany applications for most types of post-graduate study or employment, it is this instructor's general policy not to write letters of recommendation based solely on the grade earned in this course.