CMU RasMol Tutorial Files
Copy the two script files from the windows below. The text can be selected by clicking in the window; then hitting, "Command key-A"(Command-A). Save them as separate text files or paste them directly into the RasMol command line after loading the model of interest.
(Note that the lines beginning with the "#" symbol are ignored by the RasMol program. They serve only as internal comments for the user.)
1. Display the model in "usa" colors                  2. Display selected atoms in "usa" colors

ProG-alpha.ent   Copy this PDB coordinate file (14K) and save it as text in your RasMol folder.
Open it after starting RasMol to begin the tutorial.

Download the following coordinate files if you want to do the exercises at the end of the tutorial under "More":
ProG-all.ent (36K) Coordinates for the protein G structure. Adapted from PDB file: 2gb1
leu-zipper.ent (149K) Complete coordinates for the GCN4-DNA complex structure. PDB file: 1ysa. This file contains all of the Header information as it was obtained from the PDB.
An annotated Example of a PDB File provides explanations of some of this information.

For each of the above two files, save the Netscape page as Text (with its indicated filename) into the same folder that contains RasMol and your other PDB and script files.
The RasMol Quick Reference Card (23K) is a two page PDF document that provides a capsule description of the most important RasMol features. This is a particularly useful tool for experienced RasMol users who only need a terse reminder of how to operate on a model. If you have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed as a Netscape plug-in, you can view the card on a new page by clicking on: REFCARD.PDF. Print a copy for future reference or save the PDF file to your disk for future viewing or printing.
The RasMol program (for Macintosh, Windows or UNIX) can be downloaded from the RasMol Home Page.
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Last modified May 14, 1998.