Eric Martz
Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Last updated: October, 2009.
Eric Martz teaching at Osaka University, Japan, 2009, in Keiichi Namba's Protonic Nanomachine Group. Photograph courtesy of Akihiro Kawamoto. (T-Shirt)
Since 1997, I have been developing innovative, widely-used, award-winning tools for visualization of macromolecular structures in education, research, and structural bioinformatics. These are all free and open source.

I retired from teaching immunology in January, 2004. I did research in cell biology and immunology 1965-1997, publishing 46 research reports and 19 reviews.

Macromolecular Visualization and Structural Bioinformatics

Martz Publications in Molecular Visualization and Structural Bioinformatics.

Martz Publications in Cell Biology and Immunology.

Formal Curriculum Vitae

Informal Biographical Sketch (1997)

Ceramic art of my parents, Karl Martz and Becky Brown

Former teaching: (I retired from teaching effective January, 2004.)