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Class work 1. Task for investigation of molecules Word document: Engl  Word Macintosh
Molekulu studiju un izpētes praktiskā laboratorijas darba uzdevums Word dokuments: Latvian Word Macintosh

To investigate the given molecular structures as TGF formated files of compounds using ISISDrawISISDraw:
carbon(IV)oxide CO2,
carbonate anion CO
32-, formic acid HCOOH , methane CH4, amoniak NH3, water H2O,
phosphoric pentachloride PCl
5, hexahydroxoaluminate(III) anion [Al(OH)6]3-,
ethene H2C=CH2 and ethyne HCtriCH

Nosakiet attālumus starp atomiem un valences leņķus TGF formāta molekulāro koordināšu failosISISDraw:
(IV)oksīdam CO
2, karbonāta anjonam CO32-, skudrskābei HCOOH , metānam CH4,
amonjakam N
3, ūdenim H2O, fosfora pentahlorīdam PCl5,
heksahidroksoalumināta(III) anjonam [Al(OH)
6]3-, etēnam H2C=CH2 un etīnam HCtriCH

     Valence Electron Shell Pair Formation [7] at p and s bond after hybridization of s valence orbitals has the task to obtain the working skills with applications RasMolRasWin (RasMol), ISISDrawISISDraw [2] (Integrated Scientific Information System for chemical structural molecular studies, investigation and presentation), which has the goal its employ for chemical studies and investigation of given molecules. Coordination number and type of the complex compound central atoms structural hybridization. The 3D molecular graphics applied RasMol into Chemscape Netscape browser HTML as the plug-in application.

Students can get the knowledge and skills about:
elemental composition and its recognition in the displayed shapes of molecules – wire-frame, stick, stick&ball, spacefill as well as superimposing the color scheme CPK into symbolic presentation of chemical elements on the depicted structures of molecules,
bonding geometry (bond – angles, distance, terms of molecular symmetry and antysimmetry)
hybridization types of electron molecular orbitals during bond formation process.