Zn Coordinative Bonds fold in tertiary structure polypeptide chain conecting residues His96,His94,His119 and water Wat-263 oxygen H2O.
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    Add the proton shuttle His-64, shown in both “in” is linked via Wat-292 at His96 and “out” positions Wat-318 to the catalytic water Wat-263. Hydrogen bonds are depicted as dotted lines, and waters are labeled with numbers only .
The deep water Wat-338 sits in a hydrophobic pocket lined by Leu-198, Trp-209, Val-143, Val-121 at the bottom of the active site. Wat-318 is in a hydrophilic environment toward the mouth of the active site cone . off Water On Water
Backbone traces
conect amino acids alpha carbons CA with green color trace
.....-His96-His94-Zn-His119--Wat-263-.....in tertiary structure of polypeptide
Coordinative bonds -His96-His94-Zn--His119--Wat-263- conect in tertiary structure of polypeptide chain fragment
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