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The U1A-RNA Complex.

The U1A-RNA Complex is shown using the Cartoon display. The protein is colored by Structure and the RNA is colored Shapely, with white backbone. The N- and C-termini are labeled. This is the same model as that shown on the one-page Chime display of U1A Protein Structure for Molecular Biology

The coordinate file for this display is 1urnAP.pdb (74K) (Chains A & P, only of the trimeric crystal structure). The coordinates can be saved to your disk by clicking in the image, and choosing Save Molecule As . . . under File.

Save the coordinates for the following structures in the same way after loading them into the display with a click:
1urn.pdb (336K): The original PDB file (three protein-RNA complexes).
1urnAPU.pdb (83K): Chains A, P & U, of the crystal structure, includes water.
1nrc.pdb (19K): U1A (a-carbons, only). Nagai, al. (1990) Nature348 515.

1ha1.pdb (142K): hnRNP A1.

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