Constants & Conversion Factors

Physical Biochemistry Spring Term, 1998

Some Fundamental Constants & Numbers

Constant or Number SymbolValuecgs units
Speed of light c 3.00E+10 cm/sec
Avogadro No. No 6.02E+23 mol
Planck's h 6.63E-27 erg-sec
Boltzmann's k 1.38E-16 erg/K
Gas constant R 1.987 cal/K-mol
Gas constant R 8.31E+07 erg/K-mol
Electron mass m 9.11E-28 g
Atomic mass unit d 1.66E-24 g
e   2.718  
ln(10)   2.303  

Coversion Factors for Energy Units (g-cm /sec )

Units kcal/molkJ/molergeVcm
1 kcal/mol   = 1 4.18E+00 6.95E-14 4.34E-02 3.50E+02
1 kJ/mol   = 2.39E-01 1 1.66E-14 1.04E-02 8.36E+01
1 erg   = 1.44E+13 6.02E+13 1 6.24E+11 5.03E+15
1 eV   = 2.31E+01 9.65E+01 1.60E-12 1 8.07E+03
1 cm   = 2.86E-03 1.20E-02 1.99E-16 1.24E-04 1

To convert from energy units in the first column to units in the first row,
multiply by the factor at their intersection.

The tables are adapted from those in Physical Chemistry with Applications to the Life Sciences (1979) Eisenberg, D. & Crothers, D. The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Co.
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