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The dodecamer of alternating A-U is shown using the Ball & Stick display. The 5' and 3' ends of each chain are labeled. A single A-U base pair (distance in between C1' carbons). The sugar phosphate backbone groups are white. Remove distances.
Three stacked A-U base pairs. A U-A bp (Ball & Stick with dots) is stacked above an A-U base pair (Spacefill). Note the difference in geometry between this dinucleotide stack and that seen with the next highlight button. The middle A-U base pair (Ball & Stick with dots) is stacked above the bottom U-A base pair (Spacefill). Place any of the above base pairs in the original double helix.
The differences in stacking geometry is related to the fact that the stability of RNA and DNA helices depends on the sequence of dinucleotide units, and not on individual base pairs alone.
A-RNA Structure for Molecular Biology The A-Form RNA Structure.

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  • On this and other pages that display RNA structures, the nucleotides can be identified by choosing Shapely under the Chime Colors menu. The Shapely colors for RNA are:

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Coordinates from 1RNA.pdb.