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lists some of the molecules and complexes that are described in the readings for Molecular Biology courses. Interactive images of these structures can be viewed by following the links indicated under Description. The Reference column is the literature citation (and PubMed link) for the paper that describes each structure.
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DescriptionReferenceThe above pages are intended to accompany your reading
of the descriptions found in the research articles for each structure.
They might also serve as a starting point for exploring
the models on your own using the RasMol program.
B-Form DNA helixDrew et al. (1981) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.78 2179.
A-Form RNA helixDock-Bregeon et al. (1989) J. Mol. Biol.209 459.
AHammerHead Ribozime RNAT.Tuschl, C.Gohlke, T.M.Jovin, E.Westhof, F.Eckstein
Rna Hammerhead Ribozyme (Fluorescence Transfer)
Oct 20, 1994 1RMN J. PDB. 1RMN.
AHammerHead Ribozime 1FG1W.G.Scott, J.B.Murray
Model Of A Hypothesized Hammerhead Ribozyme Conformational Change
Jul 26, 2000 1FG1 J. PDB. 1FG1.
AHammerHead Ribozime 1MMEW.G.Scott, J.T.Finch, A.Klug
The Crystal Structure Of An All-Rna Hammerhead Ribozyme A Proposed Mechanism For Rna Catalytic Cleavage
Dec 09, 1995 1MME J. PDB. 1MME.
AHammerHead Ribozime 299DW.G.Scott, J.B.Murray, J.R.P.Arnold, B.L.Stoddard, A.Klug
Capturing The Structure Of A Catalytic Rna Intermediate
Dec 14, 1996299D J. PDB. 299D.
AHammerHead Ribozime 300DW.G.Scott, J.B.Murray, J.R.P.Arnold, B.L.Stoddard, A.Klug
Capturing The Structure Of A Catalytic Rna Intermediate
Dec 14, 1996300D J. PDB. 300D.
cAMP Receptor Protein (CRP)Schultz et al. (1991) Science253 1001.
Yeast GAL4 ProteinMarmorstein et al. (1992) Nature356 408.
Yeast DNA19 bp fragmentMarmorstein et al. (1992) Nature356 408.
Human hnRNP A1Shamoo et al. (1997) Nat. Struct. Biol.4 33.
snRNP U1AOubridge et al. (1994) Nature372 432.
EF-Tu, tRNAPhe, and GTPNissen et al. (1995) Science270 1464.
Zif268 zinc finger*Elrod-Erickson et al. (1996) Structure4 1171.

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