B-DNA Structure for Molecular Biology  Show the: DNA, only. Water molecules in: Major groove.  Minor groove.  Whole complex.Rotate:   X 90   X -90  Y 90   Y -90Distances:   DNA, one turn  (length in units)  DNA, diameter  (width in units)  Reset
The B-Form DNA Structure. The "Dickerson Dodecamer" is shown using the Ball & Stick display. The 5' and 3' ends of each chain are labeled.
View an A-T or G-C base pair: An A-T base pair (distance in between C1' carbons). Remove distances.
Number the adenine and thymine ring positions. A G-C base pair (distance in between C1' carbons).
Number the guanine and cytosine ring positions. A G-C base pair (dot surface) above an A-T base pair (Spacefill).
Place any of the above base pairs in the original double helix.

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