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Chemistry at Mona

Chemistry at Mona -HomePage
Ja themes for Lectures + Traditional course material + Laboratory material
A Periodic Table
pH and logs
List of files at wwwchem

Chemistry Compilations - a lot of work by a few dedicated people

The UCLA Chemistry List + Galaxy List (Chemistry) + ChemDex by Mark Winter (Sheffield). + UK Chem Dept's + Chemistry via YAHOO server + Yue-Ling Wong List (Wake Forest) + ISIS + Chris Jones List (Univ of Texas) + Cambridge University List + Knut Irgum List (Umea Univ)+ Chem Info at US FDA/CFSAN + Chem Info + Martindales U'G and P'G courses + Joey Santos List (Latrobe) + A Handy Guide + Chemistry (Northern Illinois) + Aust. Chem Sites + Gary Wiggins (Indiana) + Chemistry (Berlin) + On-Line Chemistry Information (Imperial) + Best of the Web + CTI- Liverpool + Chem links from Liverpool + Chem Databases

Chemical MIME information and uses

Chemical Mime Information + MIME types (Leeds) + Hyperactive Molecules (Imperial) + Global Instructional Chemistry (Imperial) + Chemical Mime Listserver Archives + Chemical Web Listserver Archives + Chemical Mime Viewer Tester + Web-Elements Home + MDL CHIME + Web Tutorials in Chemistry + Webbook at NIST + SDBS: Integrated Spectral Data Base System

See Bob McDonald's and Antony Davies pages on JCAMP-DX. They both have test data for downloading.

FAQ on scientific data formats (including JCAMP-DX) have been collated by Ilana Stern.

Chem Abs, ACS, RSC and other journals

Journal Abbreviations + On-line Chem journals + ChemWeb + Chem Abs Home Page + Chem Abs Tutorial + ACS Publications - Whats New - Hot Articles + Bull Chem Soc Japan + Patents + ACS Gopher + RSC server + J Chem Educ.- Software + Multimedia Chem Journal. + The Chemistry Educator. + J of Molecular Modeling + Applied Spectroscopy. + Nature. Internet Journal of Vibrational Spectroscopy + Science. + New Scientist. + Material Science Journals.

Other Chemistry Sites

Information on Nobel prizes + The CCDC Home Page + Soil Chemistry at Univ of Hawaii (Manoa) + Molecular Modelling Software (NIH) + Mol Struct Lab - SUNY Stony Brook + Analytical Chem. Course at VT + University of Texas- Organic Syntheses + Chemistry Clip Art + NMR_Information_Server + Bio-Rad + Bruker + Perkin Elmer + Conf Chem List +

Missouri Botanic Gardens Taxonomic Database + MATHMOL MODULES +

Chem Finder + MSDS Data Sheets + Microwave info+ Laboratory Survival Guide + Aquapal


BioNet (Leeds) + Brookhaven Gopher Site + PDB format + Form for PDB query +

Libraries and Collections

Library Lists + The University of Chicago Library + Library of Congress + Librarians References + Thesaurus + Dictionary +
Education Technology + Indiana Library Resources +
Newspapers + Time Warner Home page + Daily Telegraph + TIMES Higher Ed Suppl + ACADEME + HMSO +


ANU Bioinformatics + Purdue Weather Processor + University of East-Anglia + Environmental Servers by Category +

University Home Pages

List of Universities + UWI Home Page + TLTP project web sites + Open University + MCLI-centre for learning + University of Southampton ILC Homepage. + IT Training + DUT-TWI Other Things on the Web +

WWW and Client Info

Web Overview + Web Virtual Library + Web Growth (1) + Web Growth (2) + Unix Help -man pages + Bandwidth Conservation Society + WWW Electronic Information Repository (Leeds) + Netscape World On-line Magazine


Apache httpd Software and Documentation + ex-CICA's WWW Server + WIT + Solaris Freeware + Consummate Winsock Mirror Sites + Pine Info + PFE Editor + Download Win/Macintosh software or Windows software from DEC and Coyote.
Borland's FTP site
QVTnet for FTP, Term etc. + Info on AVI files + hypermail + Anti-virus software for DOS-Windows
Add access counts with this or WWW-page Access Counter and analyse your access log with Analog

Chemistry Software
Molecular Design Limited, for ISIS Draw, CHIME etc.
Bio-Rad suite from softshell + RASMOL Home Page + CambridgeSoft + MSI - WebLab Viewer
Falcon Software + Cherwell Scientific Publishing + ChemSW -formerly Windowchem + ChemLab - fabulous!
Grams from Galactic + Nuts for NMR from Acorn + ChemFolder from ACDLabs + Spectacle ViewPoint from LabControl + Mestre-C for NMR

Search and Metasearch Engines, Directories and Utilities

Altavista Search from Digital + FAST - alltheweb + Collection of Search Engines + Search Engine Reviews + Yahoo + Lycos Search Engines + The Whole Internet Catalog + Infoseek free search + W3 Search Engines + Web Crawler + OpenText Search Engines + Richard Seltzer at B+R Samizdat Express + Ruth McKay's collection + WWW Worm + McKinley's Internet Directory + Deja News + Web Voyager + The Yellow Pages + ClearingHouse Guides + All in One Search Page + Fun City Search Engines + Accessible Mailing Lists + HyperNews + Savvy Search + MetaCrawler + WUSAGE Server Stats + Info on ROBOTS
Trying to find someone??. Try looking at Four11 or IAF.


HTML-Kit + HTML Editors and other resources + Arachnophilia, HTML Editor + HTML ToolBox + Guide to HTML-1 + Guide to HTML-2 + Guide to HTML-3 + Guide to HTML-4 + Guide to HTML-5 + Another guide to HTML+ HTML Documentation Table of Contents + Mosaic for X version 2.0 Fill-Out Form Support +
For a tutorial on writing questionaires etc, see here.

Computer Resources

Fujitsu-ICL, Caribbean + Sun + Apple Computer Inc. + Compaq + Micron + Gateway 2000 + DELL + IBM + Intel + Microsoft + Novell + Seagate + Kingston Memory + SONY + Documents + PC Magazine

Commercial Resources

Internet Mall + NetMarket + VISA.

Travel Reservations

Nando + Costa + US State Department travel advisories.
American Airlines + Cathay Pacific

Weather and Maps

Weather maps (try World and Atlantic); Met Service from Purdue + US National Weather Summary. Earth from any perspective (also here).


ANU Art History Exhibit + Genealogy Search Engine + Brothers Keeper software + Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit + Library of Congress Vatican Exhibit + The WebMuseum Florida site + Natural History Museum + Oxford Collection of Libraries and Museums + Welcome to Metaverse + The Virtual Tourist +
OZ Info + Neil's Home Page
Oz Railway Info + Lighthouse Digest + Sailing Boats + Internet Chess Library +


Cricket Info (HQ) + Australian Mirror + Cricket Info Gopher at Oregon AFL-Football Results

Yet More Sites

National Center for Atmospheric Research + NASA Information Services via World Wide Web + NASA * Hot Topics * + Virtual Science centre in Singapore

Bruning's Flower Catalog + Coca Cola + Pizza Hut + Office Supplies + The Trojan Room Coffee Machine

With thanks to the many persons that have contributed.