Course Related Lecture Material

Always in construction and I'm not sure yet how much, and of what sort of things, I can find time to put here!!!!!
Since you are accessing a site in the Caribbean, why not take a look at some ideas for lectures based on Jamaican themes such as spices, or bauxite etc.


A first year University course on Coordination Chemistry.
A JCAMP-DX and CHIME display of linkage isomerism and coordination of the carbonate ligand.


Why not look at the pages related to the text "Chemistry for Today", 2nd Edition for General, Organic and Biochemistry. There are 1200 lecture slides to work through.


Applied and Food Chemistry

For a start, here is something I thought might be of interest, the top 50 chemicals produced in the USA.
A number of items of interest relating to Food Chemistry are covered in the section on Jamaican Themes for Lecture Material.
A small database of molecular coordinates (in PDB or MDL MOL format) of molecules involved in the flavour and colour of food is being built. Keep checking back for new additions.

The Science of Foods is covered at Oregon State University .

Chemistry / Biochemistry Material

In a collaborative effort with staff in the Department of Biochemistry, we have produced some pages on logarithms and their use in pH calculations.

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