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This World Wide Web server ( was established on the 27th September 1994 to provide information about staff, courses and facilities available at the Department of Chemistry at the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies, Jamaica.

You are reading the first of over 500 HTML documents, many of which contain links to 350+ chemical data files (e.g. JCAMP-DX and PDB format) and 800+ pictures (GIF or JPEG format), so take your time and work your way through using the links provided below:

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This server deals specifically with information relevant to the Department of Chemistry.

For information such as the Academic Calendar, Staff Telephone Directory, Staff vacancies, or material relating to other Departments and Faculties at the Mona Campus and links to other World Wide Web servers at the Mona Campus, contact the MISU (Mona Information System Unit) ( ) or visit the Mona Campus WWW server

The address of the Cave Hill campus web site in Barbados is

The address for the St Augustine campus web site in Trinidad & Tobago is

Just below, the UWI crest acts as a link to the official Mona Campus web server. UWI Crest The Arms of the University were granted in 1949 and the Motto is: Oriens ex Occidente Lux: A Light Rising from the West.

On other pages you will find a picture of our National bird, the Doctor Bird, (Trochilus polytmus) which will return you here.

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