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Week 1, September 29th
Amino Acids (amn) (gg3,mh5,sy2,vv2,zu4) Monovalent Ligand Binding Systems (lig) (gg2,mh2,sy2,vv2,zu3)
Amino Acid Structure Logarithmic Algebra
AA Quick Reference Saturation Fraction -- Ya
Monoprotic Buffers
Week 2, October 6th
Secondary Structures (2nd) (gg5,mh6,sy2,vv7,zu5) Multivalent Ligand Binding Systems (lig) (gg3,mh2,vv2,zu3)
a-Helices of Myoglobin Bivalent Non-interactive Binding Sites
b-Pleated Sheets of Con ATrivalent "Non-interactive" Ligand Binding
Week 3, October 13th
Secondary Structures (2nd) (gg,mh,sy,vv,zu) Multivalent Ligand Binding Systems (lig) (gg,mh,sy,vv,zu)
Structure of Myoglobin Bivalent Interactive Ligand Binding
Structure of Con A
Structure of Triose Phosphate Isomerase
Week 4, October 20th
Week 5, October 27th
Fetal Hemoglobin (HbF) (hbn) (gg,mh,sy,vv,zu) Sickle Hemoglobin (HbS) (hbn) (gg,mh,sy,vv,zu)
Adult Hb (HbA) HbS -- Kinemage Image
Fetal Hb (HbF) HbS -- RasMol/Chime Image
Hill & Scatchard Analysis (lig) (gg,mh,sy,vv,zu) Enzyme Structure (enz) (gg,mh,sy,vv,zu)
Mb & Hb Oxygen Binding Analysis of a Mystery Enzyme with RasMol
Week 6, November 3rd
Midterm Exam (ask TA for Instructions)
Week 7, November 10th
Enzymes (enz) (gg,mh,sy,vv,zu) Enzyme Kinetics (kin) (gg,mh,sy,vv,zu)
Enzyme Web Page Outline Graphical Analysis of Enzyme Kinetics
Ribonuclease A (RNase A)Answer Key for Midterm Exam
Week 8, November 17th
Enzymes (enz) (gg,mh,sy,vv,zu) Enzyme Kinetics (kin) (gg,mh,sy,vv,zu)
Enzyme Web Page Outline Graphical Analysis of Enzyme Inhibition
Carboxypeptidase A (CPA)
Week 9, November 24th
Enzymes (enz) (gg,mh,sy,vv,zu) Enzyme Kinetics (kin) (gg,mh,sy,vv,zu)
Week 10, December 1st
Enzymes (enz) (gg,mh,sy,vv,zu) HIV Enzymes (enz) (gg,mh,sy,vv,zu)
Enzyme Web Page Outline HIV Protease
ChymotrypsinHIV reverse Transcriptase
Aspartate Transcarbamoylase Final Exam (ask TA for instructions)
Answer Key for Final ExamCourse Grades
Overview of Nucleic Acid Structure (nas)

" Topic Webs" (identified with colored balls and unique three-letter abbreviations in parenthesis) include web pages with conceptually-related content. Use Topic Web identifiers in a Topic Search to locate web pages with topically-related information.

Amino acids (amn)Hemoglobin structure/function (hbn)
Ligand binding interactions/buffers (lig)Analysis of enzyme kinetics (kin)
Secondary structure (2nd)Enzyme structure/function (enz)
Biochemical laboratory methods (exp)Nucleic acids (nas)
"Textbook Chapter Locators" (listed as unique two-letter abbreviations in parentheses) identify different biochemistry textbooks. Use Chapter Locators, followed by a specific chapter number, in a Topic Search to locate web pages with content related to chapter material in these biochemistry texts:
(gg)R.H. Garrett and C.M. Grisham, "Biochemistry," Fort Worth:  Saunders College Publishing (1995)
(mh)C. K. Mathews and K.E. van Holde, "Biochemistry," 2nd ed. Menlo Park:  The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Co., Inc. (1995).
(sy)L. Stryer, "Biochemistry," 4th ed. New York:  W. H. Freeman and Co. (1995)
(vv)D. Voet and J.G. Voet, "Biochemistry," 2nd ed. New York:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (1995)
(zu)G.L. Zubay, "Biochemistry," 4th ed. Dubuque:   Wm. C. Brown Publishers (1998)

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